How to Make Your Kids Drink Their Vitamins or Medicine?

By Mhownai - December 06, 2017

I know we all want what's best for our child and we do our very best to provide everything we can to give them a comfortable life that is free from sickness and dirt.

However, due to some unfortunate situations, as much as we want our kids to be sick, they still do. Aside from the burden that we carry as the days gone by and our kids are sick, one of the challenges we face is giving them medicine. And I'm talking about giving medicines especially vitamins to our kids. It's really hard, most of the time, children throw tantrums everytime it's vitamins or medicine time.

Let's focus on giving your kids vitamins because it is an essential and we need to give this to our kids daily. When the time came that I am already having a hard time to make Edmund swallow his vitamins, I had a hard time to think of different solutions of how can I make him drink his medicine with less hassle.

And I want to share it with you guys.

  • Have a positive attitude, be a jolly mom-it is a must
  • Give them a prize or a treat after drinking the medicine
  • Go to his back, talk his head and give the medicine

If these things didn't work out, you may want to consider changing the flavour of the vitamins. Maybe it's not because he doesn't want to drink the medicine but the taste. The vitamins may seem to taste bad to your little ones.

  • One momma tip: taste everything you give to your kids.

Maybe the orange flavour seems to taste so sour or the strawberry make them dizzy for some reason.
Have you heard about a chocolate flavoured vitamins? Yes, there is already a choco flavoured vitamins in the Philippines.

Choco Vit is the first-ever Chocolate flavoured vitamins. It has the essential vitamins and minerals that our child's needs (physically, mentally, socio-emotional). It is packed with vitamins and minerals like Zinc, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

You may purchase this in any drugstores near you for only 185 pesos.

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