How's everyone's month of November so far?

By Mhownai - November 09, 2017

"Hi,(insert month)!"

"(Insert month), please be good to me"
Those were the phrases I often see at my newsfeed, twitter, Instagram, whenever we welcome a new month. Hoping that it'll attract good and positive vibes. But in reality, they will just let things happen when it happens, don't get me wrong, there were days that I feel like I am lazy to fight for life. There were times that I don't feel happy and I just feel like a complete sh*t - it's normal. We're humans after all.

One thing I'm trying to learn in life is to fight and control my emotions because as much as I would like to be calm if there is something that triggers me, I burst into anger and curse for crying out loud. I need to change that. I hope I can before this year ends.

So how's everyone's week so far? Our first week of the month was one hell of a ride. I wasn't able to upload as much as I would like to because

(1) We don't have any nanny- again.
(2) No nanny/helper means that I will be the one in-charge for most of the household chores
(3) I am stuck with tons of backlogs

and work for my freelance job

But even though these challenges are literally getting on my nerve, I am trying my best to cope with them.

I hope I won't neglect my blog this month.

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