I tried Nash Coffee for the first time

By Mhownai - October 10, 2017

Coffee is an essential for me. I always start my day by drinking a cup of coffee for me to be energized and get going for the whole day of working and taking care of my baby boy.

Nash Coffee is one of the fast growing coffee products made in the Philippines. It is made from the finest coffee beans that have been roasted on ground.

Honestly, I love love love coffee. I know it might sound bad but I can consume 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day. Yes, that's how I am addicted to coffee. One of the first things I usually do in the morning aside from the basics like washing your face and brushing my teeth, I always make sure to make myself a cup of coffee to keep me energized and awake during the day.

Why do I drink coffee so much?

I don't know why. It became a part of me that I can't erase. Back when I was in college, I remember spending over 200 pesos over 4 cups of iced coffee from a famous fast food chain. My college friends and I usually hang out in coffee shops which is one of our thing.

Yes, that's a part of me.

I also remember my grandmother who always make a coffee with milk mixed with rice, that's my afternoon snack. Come on, try it guys.

When I became a part of the BPO, coffee is an essential for us because we need to stay awake and alert during out shifts. Coffee and Energy Drinks are part of our job.

Nash Coffee sent this to me and I am really excited to try them out. Their brand is very new to me so I am so thrilled to try this.

They come with three different flavors:

  • White Coffee
  • Brown Coffee
  • Aroma Coffee
My personal favorite is Aroma Coffee. Because it's my first time to drink with such flavor. I also loved the creaminess and the sweetness that plays around my palette when I tried drinking it. I also loved the smell, obviously on the flavor, it does really Aromatic, it somehow relaxes me. 

Nash Coffee is available on the leading stores near you. Go grab and try some. 

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