Pros And Cons of Studying At Home

By Mhownai - August 23, 2017

As convincing as it sounds that studying while you are in the comfort of your home may be really relaxing and fun, I will give you the Pros and Cons of studying at home.

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Here are the Pros of studying at home.

No Traffic

If you're living in the Philippines specifically here in Fairview, you would know exactly what I'm talking about. Back when I was still studying in the regular school, I give an estimated time of 3 to 4 hrs. for my traveling period (yes, it sounds like I'm going somewhere far away) but the reason why is because 1. It's really hard to find a transportation vehicle though there's terminal accessible from where I live, trust me. When the clock reached 5 o'clock in the morning, the line of the commuters is already long. Plus, it starts the morning rush hour.

So studying at the comfort of your home is really a great choice if you hate traffic or if your parents didn't allow you to live in a dormitory (like mine).

Waking up late. Sleeping early

Because of the very flexible time that this curriculum provides, it's up to you how you manage your time. In my case, I normally get up at 5 AM to do my morning rituals and do my work that hasn't been done last night.

I normally sleep at around 8 to 9 PM which gives me the complete 8 to 9 hours of sleep- team sleep is life!

I remember back when I was in regular school, I usually arrive home at 8 PM, because of the heavy traffic and as much as I would like to sleep early, I can't because of the load of work that my professors always give- the team no sleep!

Wearing whatever you like

Since you are studying at home, you don't have any uniforms. So you can wear whatever you like- obviously. I normally wear house clothes. And you can just leave your face bare because you won't interact with humans.

In my case, there were days where I feel like wearing some makeup and I'm talking about powder, lip tint, and eyebrows. Sometimes, I fix my hair but most days, I leave my face naked and wear the simplest clothes that I have and put my hair up- that's it.

Trains you to organize and how to use your time wisely

Since we're in the comfort of our homes, we normally tend to be lenient and don't focus on the deadlines and some forget the importance of handling your time. Homeschooling was really helping us, students to prioritize our daily agendas and focus more on what is important.

Be Independent

Since you study at home, you don't have classmates to ask about the topic which you're having a hard time to study. So everything that we usually do is on our own. We find our sources all by ourselves which is really independent.

Of course, when we have Pros, there are Cons as well.

Here are the Cons of homeschooling

Lazy Day

Let's admit it, there were days that we just feel so lazy and don't want to do anything except for sleeping, of course, this is the most challenging part of being homeschool. How to fight being lazy! What I normally do is sleep early so I can wake up early then I take a cold bath every morning.

Keeping Your Schedule on Fleek

When you are under the lazy-sickness, it's really hard to stick with your daily schedule, and this will usually result into back logs of the things that you should've done that day and it's  a hassle.

Hard To Find Sources

Since the modules that your school provides, you are just limited information so, you need to find your own sources that will support your school works. There was this one time that I even asked my dad to find this specific book for me because the module that they are providing is literally useless.

Difficulty In Learning A Specific Subject (which you suck at)

This is really one of the most difficult in a homeschool student- learning to study on your own. Especially when you are studying a subject which you really suck at, in my case- MATH! I suck at math. Good thing I have friends that are amazing and really smart at math who are willing to help me.

Lack Of Social Life

No classmate = No friends, well, not really but I don't know anyone, so I am not going out as much as I wanted to. But I was really lucky because of my blog and a great support system that I have on internet.

There you go, guys! Pros and Cons of studying at home, to give you an idea. Please stay tuned for what else I will be writing about homeschool, if you have any questions, please let me know.

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