Fisher Price: Best Possible Start (All-Mom Event)

By Mhownai - August 31, 2017

Last August 26, we were invited to Fisher Price's event at SM Fairview. The event was specially designed for moms-to-be and I honestly loved it even if I already have a 1-year-old toddler.

Fisher Price as we all know provides educational toys for our little ones that would help our kids learn while having fun. For more than 80 years, Fisher price has been the partners of mothers all around the globe in providing quality learning toys that our little ones will surely enjoy.

What I really loved about Fisher Price is despite the fact that their products are a bit pricey (let's get real) I know that it's safe for our kids compared to the ones who you can buy at your local markets but you don't know the chemicals used in making the toys, it's better to be safe than sorry- I'm sure you know that by now. Also, in their packaging, there is an indication of the age bracket this toy is supposed to which I absolutely love so that we can provide the correct toys for our little ones. Lastly, because of the price, we are sure that it's sturdy, compared when buying much cheaper products that your little one will enjoy and use for just a week because the toy is already wrecked.

Furthermore, it's the best gift that you can give to a child (on their birthday or Christmas or whatever) and to a mom (for  baby showers)

On the event, a lot of expectant mom joined and I was really looking at their baby bump because I kind of missed mine *lols* don't get me wrong, all moms would agree to me, there was a time when they miss their bumps especially in the first year after giving birth.

Dr. Colleen Viray from Center for developmental pediatrics, The Medical City talks about the "importance of play to our kids" I can see myself nodding and telling to myself "Yes that's right mama, preach!" She also taught how to pick the right books and toys for our little one.

*I will make a separate blog of what I've learned from her talk, stay tuned*

In the middle of the event, there were tons of games for mommies, one of the games were you supposed to design a baby bib and us, bloggers were chosen to judge for winners. I chose Mommy Rebecca, I love her work because there are mountains, the sun and everything cute. I love it!

Congratulations Mommy Rebecca! Good luck on your delivery. 

Here are the other mommy winners with their bibs. Congratulations mommies! 

Chicco also discusses the importance of baby wearing, they were able to show us their products that I know a lot of mommy bloggers will adore. I really loved the carrier, I forgot what it is called or what the product called us. I wish I could still wear Edmund but he's so heavy! 

The event was really fun and I learned so much from this event. Thank you, Ms. Janine Canono for inviting me 

For more affordable and durable baby stuff, you may check out Baby Company, I usually buy Edmund's stuff there. 

Baby Company is located in SM Malls, I'm not sure if there's Baby Company available in other malls but it's really affordable and they have a wide variety of items to choose from.

This is what I got from the loot bag they gave me, I'm cringing in happiness and excitement, especially the Baby Record Book because his pediatrician isn't giving us baby book anymore. Now I have tons. Yehey!

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