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By Mhownai - August 26, 2017

Having a white pearly teeth is one of the things I wanted to achieve back when I was in high school. I remember back then how mu teeth look really crooked that I have to wear braces so that My teeth and bite will be straightened- it was one of the long steps that I have to face in order to achieve the dream teeth that I have been dreaming.

As you all guys may know, I went to NU Skin even, as appear with my recent post (link's here) so I was able to see different products from NU Skin and what really attracts me most is AP24 Flouride Toothpaste some Nu Skin distributors on Facebook says that this product will work its magic as early as 7 days. WOW!

So I purchased this product to see if this will work in 7 days.

AP-24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste will:
  • Remove stains while whitening, brightening and polishing teeth for a radiant smile.
  • Provide a long-lasting fresh, clean mouth while aiding in prevention of dental cavities

Here is the progress of my teeth (I want to apologize if you might see my teeth as nasty af)


I liked the flavor of this toothpaste, its flavor is Vanilla with a hint of mint. I liked it because it's not too strong on my lips there were cases to some of the toothpaste that I've tried, I am feeling the numbness on my lips because it's too minty.

The product didn't make my teeth pearly white but I am really happy that it's kind of getting white. It's getting there. I can see on my front teeth that the yellowish

I will still give this product until I finished everything and will make a full review. I am still hoping for a good result for this because so far, I am liking this.

The price is not on the friendly side, it's around 350 pesos, so people with tight budget might not be able to purchase this because let's be real, there are a lot of much cheaper alternatives for a toothpaste, but, if you really want to achieve white teeth, you may try it.

If you wanted to purchase this, you may contact your nearest NU Skin Distributor.

If you happened to try this product let me know your experiences by commenting down on the description down below.

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