Happy First Birthday Edmund! (Part 1: An Intimate Celebration)

By Mhownai - June 14, 2017

Last June 2 marks the first year of my son's existence in this crazy world. I must admit, it was kind of sad that we will be celebrating it without my dad and Edmund's biological father because my dad's onboard and hus biological dad and I broke up and he's now denying that he's  the biological father (that's not the point) but I am just so sad that he wont be able to experience celebrating it with a complete family.


My mom and I decided to celebrate his birthday in a very down to earth mode (lol) because first, he might not have any memory about his first birthday and lastly, we will be celebrating his birthday together with our and close friends tomorrow (stay tuned for the part 2 and 3 of this series)

So in leiu with the whole celebration thing, we started his big day by attending the mass (as we usually do every birthdays) we are supposed to be going to Padre Pio somewhere in Libis, I'm not sure but we decided not to because of the incident at Resorts World. Instead we had our birthday thanksgiving mass in a chapel near us.

Later that afternoon my Ninang Lucy (god mother) arrived straight from Pampanga, a province here in the Philippines. We decided to eat out at Teresita's because I received 1,500 worth of Gift Certificate and I want them to experience theor delicious Halo-Halo.

But before we went to SM North Edsa, we decided to go to my school first and run some errands there because it's on the way so everyone agreed.

We just roam around the mall and I was able to purchase some products fron Etude house because there's no Etude House near from where I live aside from the one that is located in SM North- grab the opportunity darling!

My mom also had this crazy idea, she and Edmund went on a carousel ride. I saw how happy Edmund is. After our feet was worn out from walking and taking pictures. We decided to go home and have some beauty rest because tomorrow's the celebration of my son's big day.

If you're asking if his biological dad greet him or any one in his family, the answer is NO. *laughs* I am kind of expecting but of course, as my family always tell me, he doesn't care. It just goes to show that they are right. Plus, he's really enjoying his life now with his new girlfriend.

Happy Birthday Darling, we love you! Mommy will do everythiing to raise you straight even though it's hard, I know that we will able to pull it off. Thank you for being a good baby and giving mommy warm hugs when I feel sad and all along. Have a great life Edmund. Mommy's here!

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