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By Mhownai - May 10, 2017

I love man who smells really nice. I remember that I used to sniff my ex'sshift because his perfume is really good (P.S: He's not my recent ex. Hi Jas! Lol) I am the type of person that when I miss someone, I kind of smell them out of nowhere and also, smell is one of the best way to recognize a person. I mean, who doesn't want to smell nice, right?

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Inspiredgiftsph were so kind enough to give me another perfume, but this time it's a men's perfume. I don't have a man to test this perfume so I had a hard time to make a review about this. To be honest. But luckily, I have my ever supportive cousin, Kuya Kris to help me review this product.

Inspiredgiftsph sent me "Milliard's Dream". I was surprised how simple the product looks like. 



Like I have mentioned, Inspiredgiftsph never fails to create simple products. I really liked the shape of the bottle, it really looks manly, the box as well is really simple. Does men consider buying things based on the packaging? I guess not, what do you think?


Yes, I was the one who tried the longevity of this product. I sprayed the product at around 7AM when we went to church. Until I took my afternoon bath at aroung 4PM, I can still smell the product. It's not so bad! 


I really liked the scent of this perfume. It's manly scent but women can pull this off. I am considering this as an unisex scent. It doesn't have a strong scent, when I first sprayed it, I didn't felt any tingling on my nose and I haven't sneezed (that's a plus). The scent was really clean and smooth. 


I really liked the scent and the longevity of the product is really good. Knowing the price is on the affordable side, I know that people will love this product as much as I do. It's also really light and easy to pack because of the bottle's size. 

Product Information
Product's Name: Milliard's Dream Eau de Parfum 
Weight: 2oz
Dimension: 6 x 3 x 12.5 cm
Bottle Type: Clear Glass
Price: 350pesos in 60 ML

If you wanted to avail their very affordable perfumes, you may check their website (link's here) or you may want to check their facebook page (link's here)

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