Cerelac NutriPuffs | First Impression

By Mhownai - May 27, 2017

My son is approaching his first year on this planet (whoot! whoot!) That's why we're trying to introduce him to more solids and that's why I'm not that active in my blog and youtube.

Anyways, you might have read my first impression about Milna Baby Biscuit which Edmund really loved. I recently saw this product on Mercury Drug Store, they are selling this for 77 to 79 pesos each- I already forgot how much this costs, but that's the range. You know what I meant!

So as I got home, I immediately introduced it to him. I gave him few pieces and directly put them one by one on his mouth and to my surprise, he seemed to like it! I gave a bowl with NutriPuffs so he can feed himself. He was so cute.

As usual, I tasted it for myself just like I always do. So it tasted blant but with a hint of sweetness. It's kind of similar with rice cakes but this lacks sweetness (maybe that's why my son liked this)

See how he enjoyed his snack. Stay tuned if this will be included for our monthly mommy favorites! Also, this product have 2 flavors: Banana Orange and Banana Strawberry, we got Banana Orange.

The packaging was really cute because it has a resealable zip lock and it's really light, the product looks like flowers (for me) compared to the picture who looks like a star (nothing so serious about that, I just noticed)

What are your thoughts with this product? Comment down below.

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