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By Mhownai - April 06, 2017

I've always been so over protective with my son especially when it comes to insect bites. I really hate when mosquitoes bite him and I always get pissed whenever I saw red dots on his face.

When Edmund was 3 months old, I asked Edmund's pedia if there is a mosquito repellant that will block Edmund from mosquito bites because of that time, we always go back and forth in my ex's home wherein there are a lot of mosquitoes, to be honest. Let me cite an example, you will sit down in their living room watching tv and after 5 minutes or so, you'll notice your legs have numerous, massive mosquito bites. Yes, that's how many mosquitoes are in their home.

Because of the whole "mosquito environment" in their place, we bought a mosquito net for Edmund however it didn't work out for Edmund. He can escape from the mosquito net for some reason.

So I asked our Pedia if she can recommend a mosquito repellent for Edmund. She gave me No Bite we immediately bought it and I don't directly rub it on his skin but I rub it in his clothes. I noticed that he had few rash whenever I apply No Bite on him that's why I stopped using it.

I stopped by Pure Gold to buy my little one his nappies, I came to this product and I bought it because it's really affordable and also, I personally used this product back when I was in high school. Before, I remember it was sold in pouches but I forgot how much it costs. Today, it was sold in boxes like this for 149.

MoskiShield is DEET Free or has no harmful chemicals which are a plus for me because we don't want to give something that will harm our little ones right? Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly and can be used for the long term without any side effects.

It is also suitable for kids and adults like us. So we can also be dengue free.

A box of MoskiShield Mosquito Repellent Patch consists of four (4) resealable pouches with the same designs. A patch can protect you or your child for up to 24 hours.


  • I love how the patches were wrapped in individually which is really convenient for me and it also keeps the scent longer.
  • I also love how it sticks to my son's clothes all day and even if we transfer the patch into another shirt, it sticks well- it saves me from using another patch
  • Their claim that the scent stays long is actually true. We went out one time and let him wear this patch and guess what, the scent stayed for 5 hours or more. Not to mention that we already transferred it in another shirt.
  • I also love how affordable this is. It ranges from 140 to 200 for 24 patches. It is really affordable.

  • Because it is so sticky, the adhesive transfers to my hand- it's not a big deal though because it is a good thing. It just goes to show how sticky it is
  • The scent is too strong. I sometimes sneeze because of the strong scent but that didn't happen with Edmund yet so I'm  fine. 
  • The designs are all the same. Will they release a new set of designs? It's more fun if there are more designs to choose from.


I really liked this product because I am sure that my son is mosquito free and I liked how it stuck to my son's clothes all day not to mention the price.It's really convenient to use compared with repellent lotions. Less hassle. Lastly, I liked that my son didn't had any allergic reaction to this product. I'm sure Edmund loves the product as well.

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