Maybelline FashionBrow Duo Shaper | First Impression

By Mhownai - April 26, 2017

I've always wanted a product that will stay long in my face especially in my eyebrows. You all guys know how I really wanted something that will stick atleast a good amout of time whenever I run errands. I am also looking for a product that is really affordable and really worth it. 

A lot of my friends are suggesting that I should get K-Palette for my eyebrows because it stays long but I don't really think- personally that it's worth it. I wanted something that is really on the budget side and I will look good. Of course, I'll try some on the higher price range but not now. 

I came across this product, I watched their commercial and read some reviews about this and I really wanted to try this. Although this product isn't raved by alot of beauty bloggers (in my knowledge) I still wanted to try this out. 

Maybelline FashionBrow Duo Shaper

I got this for only 199 php in SM Department Store. I am really excited to try this product. 

Let me tell you about the packaging, it looks like the usual eyebrow products that was being sold in the markets. It is made in plastic. It is dual ended (of course) the other end was for pencil and the other one was for powder

The pencil was retractable as usual. I also got the darkest shade.

The cap of the powder was retracctable and there's like a spring on the powder. I noticed that there's a product on the cap so you can still use the powder.

Here are the swatches, the pencil was on top and the powder below. I noticed that the powder is much darker than the pencil and also, noticed that some product on the powder we're clumping. 

The Application

Here's a close up of my eyebrows, I know that my eyebrows are too thin. I am loving my natural shape of my eyebrows, I only pluck my eyebrows and I don't trim it, I am planning to have my eyebrows done by a professional. 

 Here's my face after the application. On the left side, I did using a pencil and the right was using a powder with pencil (I used the pencil to shape it up)

Thoughts on application:

The pencil was really easy to use and really creamy, it's really easy to work with. I loved the color, it matches my hair. I didn't liked the powder, it's hard to work with personally and I just feel that it's just making my eyebrows messy. I think that powder will work well on people who have thicker eyebrows.

Before vs. After

Final Thoughts: 

I liked the product all in all, I wish they made another with a spooley brush on the other end instead of the powder. This product was really worth it.

I already tried this when I run errands, it stayed for a good whole day and for the price of 199, it's really worth it. It's really easy to work with. I hope that the pencil was arched though for all beginners out there, they can easily make their eyebrows on fleek. I'll still learn how to use the powder, hopefully we'll be friends. It's all about practice so you can have eyebrows on fleek!

You may purchase this product at any drugstore at a really affordable price!

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