Let's Have a More Fulfilled Life

By Mhownai - April 24, 2017

If you have been one of my readers since February, you would know how much I suffered when my partner and I broke up. It's been two (2) months since we broke up and until know I must say that I'm already coping up with the pain and I'm getting better with the help of my blog and with the support from my family and friends.

If you're asking about how am I coping up with the break-up, I just focus more on what's important and that I'm not dwelling in the past. It's hard of course, break-ups are really ugly but of course, there's a rainbow after the rain right? It's not the end of me and what happened in the past doesn't define what I am today.

As I am browsing through different websites, I bumped into a website that aims to uplift the spirit of all women out there who are striving hard to make their lives better- like me. I was really drawn into much negativity and stuck with toxic people that I, myself became a toxic person.

I am honestly not contented with my life and I am not really happy so I kept asking myself WHY and HOW?!

I bumped in one of the most amazing websites ever: http://thefulfilledwomen.com/fulfilled-life/

The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life is an e-course specifically made for all women like me who is aiming for a more fulfilled life and achieve a genuine happiness.

What to expect: 
  • Learn the foundation and the very first step in finding God's calling
  • Know what is the fulfilled life and how to experience it. 
  • Unearth your past experience and discover where God is leading you
  • Confront your excuses
  • Get yourself prepared to transition how where you are to others you should be. 
  • Have the total confidence
The enrollment for The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life will open on April 28 and May 15
For more information, you may wait for my next blog focusing all about this e-course or go to this website (link's here)

See you there!

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