Happy Fiesta Jesus Lord of The Divine Mercy Parish

By Mhownai - April 25, 2017

Last Sunday, April 24th was the feast of the Divine Mercy and we, Filipinos celebrate the feast day of out patron saint of our parishes every year.

We arrived early so we took a really good spot- yes right infront of the electric fan because it's so hot af. As usual, my son slept the entire mass and he usually wakes up at the near end of the mass and he usually claps with the people at the end of the mass (really cute, i know)

Since we arrived early, my mom decided to have a shot with her grandchild after

So the fun part is usually after mass, church people provide a simple meal for people who attended the mass. Today, they made lugaw (porridge) which really good It has chicken and ginger. Edmund enjoyed eating, I know he did, he consumed almost quarter of the porridge.I am really happy that his appettite came back, he became picky these past few weeks.

Mom usually talk to her church friends- as usual and they usually congratulate my mom for being a grandmother.

The fiesta was really fun, there are children who danced under the blazing heat and after the short program, there were band who played different songs that is ofcourse, in the era.

We were having much fun but we have to go home, it was getting hotter that time and I couldn't manage to stay further plus I need a drink (they didn't provide drinks, so sad)

How about you? How did your Sunday went? Let me know.

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