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By Mhownai - April 11, 2017

(It's very hot!!)

This is my everyday chant early morning at 7AM. I know I know. I should not be complaining on how hot the weather is right now I have to deal with this heat and there's nothing I could do to make it go away- except to turn on my aircon but... Electric bill

As much as possible, I want to smell nice specially now that it's getting hotter in the Philippines. Imagine walking in the middle of the street under the hot sun?! Exactly what I'm saying. #amoyaraw #amoypawis

In lieu of the whole "smelling so bad" thing I am desperate to find a scent that will actually make me smell good for a very long time. Aside from my current favorite perfume (from Bath and Body Works) I fail to find a product that suits my needs.

When I was browsing's website because I was skeptical with their claims on the product that I received that their perfumes will as long as 8 hours. So I was honestly so excited to try this product if this will FINALLY meet my needs.

I got the scent "Aeris". This scent is a combined sweet scens of raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, magnolia and lilies (Hmmmmm, sounds really intriguing) It a 30ml clear glass bottle with atomizer and a box. Specially formulated for women, of course.

My Take On This Product

  • I really liked the scent, it's not too sweet, not to strong. It's just right. I have allergic rhinitis and I sneeze everytime I smell strong scents either it smells good or bad. I had perfumes before that has a fruity scent but I didn't liked it because it's either too sweet to me or too strong but this product is different. It's sweet and mild.
  • I am kind of concern to the whole packaging itself. Don't get me wrong, the packaging was really pretty but I'm just concerned for the glass container because it might break inside my bag and ruin the things inside my bag (if you know what I mean) but you can transfer this to a different container, even a smaller one) but I was really impressed on how simple this product is.

Review (Longevity)

I tried to use this a few times,but I decided to make this review when I already tested the longevity. 

I used this last April 8 as we have errands to run with my mom and my son. I put on the perfume at 8AM and I immediately loved the perfume because of the sweet, mild scent. 

At 8:30 AM, the scent was still there which I expected because it's only 30 mins. 

I checked the product at 9:45 AM the scent are getting mild. Let me tell you, as this product subside, it smells even better. 

At 11 AM, the scent was still there, it's still sweet and I still love it. I was really amazed by this product, it's almost 3 hours but it's still there. 

One thing that made me surprise by this product because I took a bath at around 12 because it's freaking hot. But guess what? The scent was still there. Normally, the scent should be gone as I already washed my body off

At 1:30 the scent was starting to subside. I lastly checked my wrist at 8PM, you could still smell the scent but it's not enough for your friend to smell it from a far. 


From my own personal experience, I was really amazed how this product worked for me and how this product stayed for a very long time, it was really worth it for the price- 180 pesos. It's totally worth it compared to other product that I've tried though the price was the same but the longevity was really worth it.

You should go ahead and get a bottle of this product from for 180 pesos each. 

You may check their other products on their website and you may inquire them to their facebook page or contact them through this number: 09778123451

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