Things Not To Say To A Stay-At-Home-Mom

If you think that staying at home is really fun? Think again. Words and images can be deceiving. Staying at the comfort of your home can be comfortable- yes because you don't have a boss that you need to please so that you won't be scolded everytime you do wrong. You can manage your own time and the best thing? Yes, you can wear your pjs errday and don't mind if you haven't take a bath or look like a freak.

But behind all that benefits is a massive and tons of things to do. Doing the household chores, taking care of your baby, budgeting and thinking about the menu for the day. Being a homemaker is darn hard! This work doesn't ends when the baby already slept. 

I was so lucky that we have a helper here that helps me do all the house chores and helps me take care of my son but most of the time I'm the one who takes care of Edmund 24/7. Now that he is trying to learn how to stand and he crawls so fast. It's kind of stressful to take care of a tot. There was a time that he managed to go out of his walker- I know, how did he do it? So whenever he's awake, all eyes are on him because he is too energetic. 

I also tried to be a homemaker, when my ex and I lived in together, I do all the household chores and menu planning. It's hard. So kudos to all the homemakers out there! 

Here are the things that I really hate to hear when I was a homemaker:

1. Ang dali-dali lang ng ginagawa mo. (Your job is too easy)

Oh really? Why don't you try to take care of a baby and clean the house or even watch television. Let's see how you can manage "multi-tasking". When you have a very very energetic baby, you cannot do anything even pee because the baby might fall down or something. You can leave him to his crib and do your stuff- leave him crying? I don't think so. 

Babies are different I know, in my own personal experience, at the age of 8 months, Edmund prefers me more than anyone else in the room so whenever he's awake, no one takes care of him but me because even if I leave him in the crib he always cries and we don't want babies to cry, right?

2. Ang swerte mo nga e, nasa bahay ka lang. (You're lucky, you just stay home)

Yes, we really enjoy being at home but of course, we need social life too! 

In my own experience, there were days that I felt so claustrophobic in the four corners of our home so what I do is I go out of the house to walk or to just admire the openness of the world *lol* but really, there are days that I just miss going out of the house and go to the mall or just hang out with my friends in their house. Something like that. 

Don't get me wrong, i love being a mom but I know you guys get what I mean. 

3, Wala naman ka namang ginagawa (you didn't do anything)

Really? Try taking care of the baby who doesn't want to sleep and cries all day. Remember, babies have bad days too. Just like us and normally, when my baby have bad days, I call it "Mommy day"

4. Pagod ka na? E nasa bahay ka lang. (How come you're tired, you just stay home all day)

Who among you doesn't get tired after washing clothes? I wash without any washing machine, I do it using my hands. Looking back those moments, I just felt so proud of myself for washing clothes without a use of machine. It's a handful of work. 

Who among you doesn't get tired of going to the market to buy food and preparing food. I mean, it's hard right? Of course, the most stressful job of all, budgeting. Let's not talk about that. I'm getting anxiety attacks, Hahaha!

5. Pwede ka namang matulog or magpahinga kahit kelan mo gusto (You can rest and sleep whenever you please)

Let's say all the pending household chores are done and the kids are already asleep. Who among you fell asleep in an instant? 

I don't 

and whenever the sleepiness kicks in, the baby will soon be awake- GREAT! 

Staying at home is a hard job- just like a normal office job. It takes a lot of patience and hardwork. Let's congratulate all homemakers out there for balancing out our life and making out lives easier. Thanks to them!



  1. Any job or any life have their own hardship. Staying at home mum is a job too. Irregardless what thats ones choice in life. People don't have right to judge whether is easy or difficult.

    1. Exactly. Everything that we do requires hardwork. It's just too irritating to hear something about your job that's really offensive- if you know what I mean...

  2. Interesting read. In fact, I salute to stay at home mom. they are giving so much to the family

    1. Yes, just like any other job. It's hard but really rewarding

  3. Agree, staying home for prolong period isn't that good, sometimes can cause overthinking. We all need socialise :)

  4. I am a mother myself, and trust me it hurst when people can say such things to a stay home mother. If work in office can finish in 8 hours, but at home its 24/7 . And no mc!.

  5. In some way, I don't think that I will survive being a home maker. There are stress at work and at home, but the stress at work can be minimized and negotiable. However, the stress at home is not negotiable most of the time. I tip my hat to salute the good job that all the homemakers are doing. You are my hero.

  6. It is hard to be a stay at home mom.
    Just thinking what to cook for breakfast lunch and dinned is stressful that answering your boss about your pending on deadlines.

  7. It really is tough to be cooped up at home with a cranky baby and there is nothing much you can do but to do what a mom does. Kudos to you for sticking it out.

  8. Lol...some people just have to have their say no matter's probably their way to feel superior.. just ignore those idiots

  9. I believe in life we face a lot of this kind of people, when they see you are in a good condition they will speak of jealous of you; when they they see you in a bad situation they will just blame and saying how ignorant you are LOL. People will never stop judging us! Just do what you best in and ignore those idiots!

  10. i really admire SAHM. i don't see myself as the sacrificer for the loved one. that selfless act is not something everyone can do.

  11. Just ignore what people say, and they are not suppose to say that to their mom... mom had sacrifice many thing... wait until they live at their own....

  12. Housewife always the most tired jobs. Although the working time is free. However, every tasks, everyday repeat, and must accomplish in one day (everyday).

  13. Good point as staying at home is not easy. Keeping the whole house tidy and the same time taking of your children and do the cooking. All of these are not easy to completed if any of your family members not cooperate.

  14. Completely agree. There are tons of tasks that a housewife has to do compared to others and I am always admirable of them and the sacrifices they make.


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