MHOWving On #1: Letting Go

I am starting a series that aims to tell my stories on how I'm coping up with this break up. I do hope that I can be able to inspire other people and give them the strength that they needed because whatever it is that you are going through, you can surpass it. Just believe.

Letting go. 

Letting go is really hard, specially when you love someone and invested so much love and attention, when you built a world just for you two and making dreams and goals that will never happened. It was really hard to separate yourself with the person who became your life and became your world.

Mahirap alisin sa sistema and taong nagbibigay ng rason sayo para maging masaya. 

It's more like your happiness is my happiness. I thought that it was really normal that when you love someone, you should give your 100% because that's what I really believe before- that you shoould give up your 110% so that when things didn't work out the way you planned, atleast you have no regrets. But its so wrong! It's okay to give your best but atleast leave something for yourself.

Break-ups are full of shit. 

You'll be bitter. You'll cry until your eyes got swollen. You'll stress eat. You'll get fat. You cannot function well. You just want to sleep.

Break up is bullshit. Everything about breakup is bullshit. (does that make me sound bitter- yes I am)

But what I've learned is in order for you to get back on track, you need to go through all this pain and let go of all the things that made you hurt and the people who caused you to be hurt. What I did was cried and talked to my mom. She also cried with me. My dad? I can see that he's hurt and he's angry but one thing that I am just ever so thankful for him is he never told me "I told you so"

I attended the mass. I seek help from the one who knows everything and planned everythiing for me- God.

I don't know why but it seems that God works his ways that time because the priest's sermon is all about karma and letting go. I've learned that I need to lift everything to him and let him do his ways. I understand that this pain will soon pass and God will give me the karma that I deserve. The priest said that if you do good, God will also repay you with goodness. Karma will works in mysterious ways. God never sleeps and he watches over.

I asked God to take all the pain and the hatred in my heart. I also ask for his guidance for me to raise Edmund with kindness and fear for the Lord. I prayed that God will shower my parents good health. I am just so thankful for them.

What hits me hard is what the priest said that there are 3 kinds of people: stupid, knowledgeable and wise. Stupid people repeats the same mistakes. Knowledgeable people learn from their mistakes and Wise people learn from other people's mistakes.

Lord, please make me wise. 

So from that moment, I let go of all the things that burdens me- things that made me cry and things that hurt. Although that there are times that everything comes back, I am just focusing on what's more important- my son.

I deleted all of our facebook photos and all of my bitter posts. I also deleted all my blog post on why we broke up- it doesn't matter anyway.

I just do hope that I will be able to get back on track and get all my shit together as soon as possible although I'm getting better it's just that there were days that it just hits me and kind of make me back to zero.

What I need is Emotional Freedom- that's what I need to work on.



  1. And I believe you can make it! Just keep the faith. Love your parents more, you are blessed coz you still have them. Love your son shower him all the attention and the love he needs para ikaw pa lang enough na sa kanya. And mostly, please love your self. Always remember ,"A fool gives vent to his anger, but a WISE man keeps himself under control." Gusto mo maging wise di ba? Next time be wiser,babe. In God's perfect time,everything will fall in its place just trust Him. Let go of all the angst. Good luck and God bless. Alway be a blessing! :-) ~~~ Made It Throug Mum

    1. Thank you ma for all the love and all the teachings that you keep on telling me over and over again. Furthermore, thank you for the friendship :*

  2. You'll get past the pain little by little. And when you least expect it, you'd realize how much you've grown from this experience. :)

  3. Agreed with you that we really need to let go if the relationship unable to work out. No point to feel sad for something that already passed.

  4. a great read and inspiration! Stay strong and surround yourself with people who loves you. Take care!

  5. It takes time but the pain will pass eventually. Stay strong and have positive thoughts always.

  6. Very sorry to hear of your break up. I can only imagine the pain that you have gone through and are still going through. Just believe that bad things will come to an end.

  7. Better things comes once you closed the door and move on.. it is not easy I know, but you can do it

  8. I think, everybody have been to this stages where we're heartbroken, including me. Its okay to cry, it help.

  9. It's hurt to know that it's finally over , your are right you must let it go.

    1.Read motivational books
    2.make new friends
    3. Get busy by trying new project.
    4. Be ready to forgive and forget and move on with your Life

    5. Remember you have only one life so try to be happy always

    Thanks for the share nice post.

  10. You are a fantastic lady and eventually you will a tougher and you'll be surprised too. Carry on and walk your runway like you own it!

  11. It takes time to heal, but I'm pretty sure somehow we can moving forward and forget the past. It hurts sometimes, but it will be fine :). Keep your surrounding with positive energy and endless support.

  12. keep it up :) it's painful in the beginning but once you settle your thoughts to a more positive one, you will be able to move on quite fast by locking up the past in a box buried deep in your heart.. Good luck and all the best! Remember, you deserve better :)

  13. Hang on in there babe! With the love of your friends and family, u're gonna pull through stronger。I think penning your thoughts down like this will make you feel more relieve right?

  14. This post suddenly reminds me of a song that goes like this...
    Love hurts, love wounds, love scars. (just imagine your favourite boy band singing this, not me.)

    Yep, breaking up sucks and it really hurts. I've been there twice and cried many times. My advice is: time will heal everything. Give it some time and you'll find a new path.

  15. Letting go is the best way to forget the painful that happen to your life. Move own with your new journey as you will found your happiness.


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