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By Mhownai - March 01, 2017

I got my book from the author last February 21, 2017. I am really fond of reading anything about finance specially how to save money ever since I became a sales agent at a call center company way back 2015. I've been dreaming of having a business and to be financially stable, that's why I started an online shop on 2016 wherein I sell clothes and makeups. Unfortunately, after iI gave birth, I stopped selling and now that I moved into a different location, I lost all my loyal customers and eventually my interest in selling. That's why when I got this book, I was really eager to read this to find again my inspiration.

About the book:

  • Written by Don Soriano
  • Consist of 80 pages
Synopsis: This is the modern guide for the newbie Filipino entrepreneur. It's a one-stop shop that can help you quickly build the business mindset in a 1 hour read.
Discover the 8 principles you need to know for massive success in the business world.

About the author:

He was a scholar from Xavier School and finished his Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy from De LA Salle University- Manila. He went on to top the May 2011, Certified Public Accountant Board Exams were he ranked 7th place nationwide. 

He is the owner of three multi-million businesses. Most of which he started with little or no money. He achieve financial freedom at age of 27 only 3 years after being bankrupt and left with almost half a million debt. 


I learned a lot from this book, not only about business (how to build and maintain a business) but also how to handle my money and value my time. Actually, the book is all about how you can cope up with your debts and how to invest your money wisely which is a really really good topic whether you are a business minded person or not. We should put in mind that it's not everyday that we are strong enough to work and we need to level up. It is also about how we can reach financial freedom within 3 years or less. 

I thought that this book will be so formal but mind you, I loved the way he written his book- its like he's just talking to us, readers. I appreciate how he gives his personal experiences as an example in some parts of the book, I'm just so glad that I was able to read this book because if not, then I know that my mindset will still be the same and I will just be repeating the same mistakes that I'm doing every single day. 

I just didn't relate on to this book as an entrepreneur who failed in her first business but also, as an employee and an individual as well. It also teaches us to have a proper mindset in life, especially now that I am a single mother which we all know is twice as hard as having a partner. It really made my mind made up that yes, I need to value every cent that goes into my pocket for me to provide for my kid and my family. Although money is not everything (as what is stated in this book) it also made me think that money is also one of the factors why people are happy but then again, MONEY IS NOT THE ONLY THING THAT CAN MAKE US HAPPY but who would be happy in an empty stomach right? that's exactly my point. 

When I was reading this book, I found my self highlighting the quotes that really hit me so hard. Some of them are: 

"Idle time is the devil's playground. Do not allow yourself to waste time and be unproductive." 
This really hit me hard as I am a homeschool student and I handle my own time, I must admit that I am more idle as to work more when my son is sleeping but I'm working this right now, even before I read this book, that's why I have a planner to check from time to time and whenever my child wants me to sleep beside him, I guess I do my writing works beside him and while he's sleeping, I'll do my school works. Busy bee indeed!

"I'll manage money right now, so I'll have more next time."
Why didn't I read this book earlier?! When I was still in BPO industry, I am earning almost 25k a month, I know it's not too much but since I am an only child and I have a house and I my parents are paying for our monthly dues, I wish I saved my money so I have more money to provide for my kid it's not too late though, atleast I know to value my money and save more before spending. 

"What separates people from unsuccessful people is that they do the work that no one else wants to do in spite of being afraid."
I really do believe that we need to let go of the people that makes our life even more hard than what really is- it will not help us in achieving our goals. I know that it is hard to let go of people who mean so much to you even it they became our burden, sometimes it's the best way for us to push forward. You'll thank us specially this book right after you read this. 

"Our environment plays an important role in our success in life. It affects the way we think. The way we think affects how we feel. How we feel affects our actions and habits. Our actions and habits affects our results." 
I know the old saying: "Birds of the same feathers flocks together." If we surround ourselves with negative and toxic people we will be toxic and our minds will then turn out negative and we will share negativeness to all mankind *lol* but seriously, the people surrounds us makes us who we are and what they do, there will be a possibility that we will do it too, in time. So again, let go of these people as they will not help you in the future. Surround yourself with positive people and in no time, your life will much be easier to manage. 


This book really makes you think about the things that you're doing right now. It's all about life's challenges and how to cope up with it. For me, this book is an eye-opener to us that we need to value the things that we enjoy right now. I just have to point it out again that I do appreciate how he shares his challenges in life and how he coped up with it. 

After reading this, I am inspired to start a new business and not to give up in anything in life. Remember what I said in one of my blogs that I want to be wise, being wise is to learn from other people's mistakes and not repeating them again. That's why I really thank this book because if I haven't read this, my bank account will again be zero.

We can all break free!

In addition to people who loved this book was my cousin who formerly own a clothing business in Taytay. He finished the book for less than an hour and he just loved every single page on the book. He is also one of the people I look up to in terms of handling money, he also works in sales that's why I always loved talking to him because I can learn something everytime we have our conversation.

You can grab a copy of this book on Don Soriano's page click here for only 300 pesos. 

Happy reading!

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