Are you ready for 2017?

By Mhownai - December 30, 2016

3 days to do and it's hello 2017. Are you ready? Well, I can say that I am pretty much ready. Okay, okay. I'M READY!

Before the year starts, I wanted to start it right what I mean to say right, I wanted to start it in a very organized way. That's why I purchased a planner on December (yes I know. It's too early but I wanted to be sure)

I purchased it from Lourenth on facebook, for only 180 php plus shipping of 80.

I got the 365 days planner the color is teal which I really love. I love the matte finish of the cover and I guess it's in personal size.

I am really new into planning that's why I am still getting the hang of using different planners, not to mention that my budget is too tight because I need to focus on my baby's vaccination and needs. So as long as I'm saving money and my planner looks good then I'm okay with it. 
Here is the contents of the planner:
As you open the planner, you can see the Yearly Plan section. You can actually put your goals for each month or for the entire year. You can put your monthly overview or your realizations each month. It's up to you on what you want to put on the yearly plan section. 
Same goes with weeklies. There is a weekly project plan. Where in you can customize it and make it your sleep tracker for the week or month. Sky's the limit.
Now here's one of my most fave part in every planner- monthy spreads. 
Here in my 365 planner, I admire that this one's open dated so you can use it anytime of the year. If you purchased it late, the planner won't be chaotic. I really love the size of the boxes. It's not so big nor too small. It's just okay. I really love how versatile this planner is. You can customize each spread on whatever design you would prefer. 👍

Next is the dailies. I am not reallt fond of big boxes for dailies because I'm not a busy person. Aside from my everyday school to dos because I'm a homeschool freak. 
Sorry I wasn't able to take a picture though. 
Next is the note section. It's pretty much self explanatory. But I don't think I'll be using this often because I have an everyday to do or notebook for notes.

Last page will be the personal info. I'll be customizing this soon or probably not. Hahaha. Because I'm not really going out often so I don't think that'll be necessary. 
So I can say I am so ready for 2017 physically and emotionally. How about you? How do you prepare yourselves for 2017? 
If you wanted to purchase 365 planner or other planner and journaling supplies on a very very affordable price? Check out Lourenth. Links will be down below. 😇 did I mention that you have a free Parker pen for every purchase? Thanks Lourenth!! Until our next transaction. 

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