Back to School Haul 2016

By Mhownai - November 16, 2016

I'm doing a back to school haul for you guys because I'M SO BACK TO SCHOOL.

I am in a homeschool program and I am really challenged because this is my first time to be in this kind of program and I'm still getting the hang of it. The start of my classes is on the 20th but I'm studying in advance because I'm just so excited.

Speaking about the word "excited," I think I went a little overboard when it comes to buying school supplies when I said "overboard" I really meant it. Read further to see what I bought.

Ofcourse, studying wouldn't be complete without something to write on. That's why I bought 4 notebooks. Starting from left to right, I got, Cattleya Notes Filler Binder, Veco Spiral Notebook, Stradmore Spiral notebook and Green Apple Notebook. The Binder and two spiral notebooks are used for my notes and research and the green apple notebook has all my ideas for my upcoming videos on youtube.

Your ballpens are your best weapon when it comes to studying, you must know the best ballpen for you. Like for me, my most used ballpen is the Pilot G-tech 0.3- I've been using this since I started using a ballpen and it just feels so different if I'm using other ballpens when I'm writing. I just like the friction of the pen to my paper. It really satisfy me. Since I love to write things down, I make sure that the ballpens that I will be using are really nice to look at (I'm quite OCD when it comes to my notes) really nice to write with and the ink is not showing on the back page of the leaf that I'm writing on.

I've been eyeing this set of ballpens in different online craft shops, however, I'm hesitant to buy because I am sure that not all of these pens will write. My family and I went to Fairview Terraces on Sunday afternoon and I saw The Pink Project PH's stall there and I immediately looked for the things that they're selling. I was eyeing for a planner but I got this and a set of washi tapes. I admire the owner for being so nice to me when I asked her to check all the pens if its working and she was kind enough to check it herself- God bless your kind heart! I will surely buy more affordable items to their shop. I was supposed to buy calligraphy pens, I should've and now I'm regretting. *sobs* By the way, this costs 150 php.

Left to Right: Platinum Brush Pen- Blue, Sai Brush Pen- Pink, Crystal Water Base Pen- Blue, Dong-A Fine Tech 0.2- Black, M&G Hi-touch 0.3- Orange and Dark Blue, Bic Dual Ended Highlighter- Blue, Pilot G-Tec 0.3- Black, M&G Semi Gel Pen- Violet, Dong-a Gel Pen 0.3- Black

If you wanted to see how these babies write let me know.

Coloring Pens. I've been wanting to buy the Crystal Water Based Pens individually (in all colors available) because the pens are so cheap, each costs only 13 php- I know it is a really great deal. However, I'm going to the cheaper option- buying coloring pens instead. I'll be using this for my planner this coming 2017 (i'm so excited)

I bought a new glue gun and sticks for my upcoming DIY videos. Stay tuned!

This is the most overwhelming purchase I did for a very long time- washi tapes. Ahhh! The Satisfaction. 

This set of washis are from The Pink Project PH, check their shop in instagram, there are alot of affordable, artsy and cute stuff there! Check them out. I got this for only 75 php.

Cartoon Decorative Tapes are the first tapes that I bought from out local craft store. Each costs only 5 php which is really affordable not to mention the cuteness!

I also purchased a 15cm culer and my mom got me a correction tape. 

One of  my co-members in a craft group in FB destashed some of her planner supplies, I got some and she was kind enought to give me this freebies. I'm so overwhelmed. Thank you so much Sis Irene!

I bought a set of washi tapes from here. The first 2 from the top is 35 pesos each while the remaining was sold as a bundle

I also bought a washi samples and she was really generous to give me additional ones. Thank you so much and God Bless You! 

If you wanted to know more about my homeschooling, let me know by asking questions on my youtube video. Also, stay tuned for different blog posts. 

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