My two cents about this viral post on facebook

I was a normal rainy morning when I checked my facebook news feed because that's the first thing I do every time I wake up when I saw this post and it immediately pissed me off.

When I used to study in Manila, I commute for me to go home. It's hard riding public buses, fx and jeepneys but I have to bare with those for me to go home and finally take a rest. It's nostalgic for me to remember this kind of situation but what angers me is how she humiliate this innocent man in social media.

Disclaimer alert: hindi ako nagpapabida, naglalabas lang ako ng bwiset kasi hindi pwedeng magcomment sa post kasi for friends lang

1. It's a really wrong move. She's been mentioning in the comments that she doesn't believe in gender equality and she's been eager about her point that the man's seat should be giving to her because she's a girl. Personally, I believe in gender equality and at our generation, we females can do whatever gentlemen can and that includes standing in MRT or LRT stations

2. It's only just 3 stations away. It's just roughly a 10-15 mins stand, can't she just sacrifice?

3. Posting this online wouldn't make anything better, maybe her feelings? Nah, after how much she was bashed. i don't think so. She just made everything worse, people are now bashing her based on her looks. Some even say "naka-condo ka pala, bakit hindi ka nagtaxi?"

4. She doesn't have any idea what kuya went through the day. Maybe he's so freaking tired from his school or work, maybe his boss or professor humiliated him in front of his classmates or co-workers. Maybe he rarely sits in MRT that's why when he had a chance, he didn't offer the seat to Karla (not to mention, she's capable of standing and riding a public vehicle) we never know what was this guy's thinking why he didn't gave his sit to Karla. She even mentioned on her post that the guy constantly looking at her and it seems like he was insulted. Hmm, in my own perspective, I don't think so. Where would you want kuya to look? It's awkward if kuya will look straight when it's crowded right?

5. She mentioned that kuya has a mother and probably sisters and hopefully they didn't experience the same treatment. One question that I have in mind, does she offers sit to the elderly, to pregnant woman and disabled ones? With that attitude, I don't think so.

I've been commuting half of my life and was able to experience a lot of these. I even experienced one time seeing a pregnant woman trying to find a seat on a jeepney when people are just acting like she's just a normal passanger. Yet that pregnant woman is acting normal.

We just need to accept the fact that not all people are going to treat us the way we should be. Just because we're a girl doesn't mean that we have a special treatment. I pity those people who thinks that way.

And to end my blog, this is just a wrong move and I feel so sorry for kuya for being humiliated but after how Karla was bashed, now, I just feel sorry for her. I just hope she'll be able to recover from her wrong move. Nagviral pa kasi. Hahaha!



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