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By Mhownai - July 08, 2016

I've been MIA for a long time. I know, I know sorry guys but I have some personal issues that I need to take sometime- to rest and unwind. Think about what's the best for me, my life. It's been a while since I blog but I want to start up my comeback with a not-so-dramatic-but-meaningful-and-oh-so-personal-post. All about me and my family.

I grew up in a small family of 3. Yes, I'm an only child and to tell you honestly, it's not that easy. I grew up without my dad beside me because he's a seafarer and pretty much but not all of my life he's on board. I remember when I was a grade school student and whenever we attend family days, I always get jealous because my classmates attend with a complete family, I always ask my mom "Bakit wala si papa?" She calmly explain that he needs to be faraway because he needs to earn for our needs. 

My mother on the other hand, she's an employee in a security printing company. She's spending 8 hours in work (with additional 1 and a half hour travel) so basically we often meet at night. It really saddens me that my parents can't be with me as much as I wanted to but eventually I understood that they're just doing it for me- to support my needs and provide me a better future. 

I found comfort for my loneliness through my friends, I enjoyed spending time with them, eating kwek-kwek and fishballs after classes, tambay to canteen and eat burgers, eating ihaw and drinking (yes, I learn how to drink when I was in highschool. Second year) 

During my Second Year in highschool, I was bullied because of my ex boyfriend and my "friend". The fight became big to the point that I started hurting myself and thinking in dropping out in highschool in our mid semester. I am ever so thankful for my mother for being my rock and my source of strength that time, she always believed in me. I will always and forever love her. 

Since making friends in school was no good for me, I found this website- Tumblr and started blogging. From then, I learned to be more open in my life and found friends that became my soul sisters. I will ever so grateful for them. 

They made me realize that you can be able to find friends online. Even if they're far, they're just one call away. 

College is just around the corner, I enrolled in MAPUA. I'm thrilled to start to school because of them.. 

We parted ways (somehow) after a year because I started dating Mico and I shifted to a different course, but even though I wasn't able to be with them most of the time, we still keep in touch in twitter. I still miss my porkychops to death. 

Even if porkychops and I somehow parted ways, we (Mico & I) found a new group of friends which I call "dota" friends. HAHA! We just met in computer shop and became friends up until now. 

Supposedly this will be a dramatic post because I felt so dramatic when I started typing this, but now I felt okay. This what makes me happy- writing. 

This is so random. I know. 

But even though I'm a random person and my mind is juggled, I am just thankful for my small knit family because they stayed by me through it all even if I became a rebel to a complete invisible daughter to the prodigal one. I'm so happy that they still accepted me for what I am. Thank you! 

And to end my senseless blog, I will be starting to blog again. 

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