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By Mhownai - January 03, 2016

Most of us used to say "New Year, New Me". Some of us actually make "New Year's Resolution" or any other rituals to hype up their new year.I do respect them honestly but the question is? Do they really work out? If they do, please do share it with us, I would like to know.

In line with this whole New-Year-thing, I made up somewhat my own take on how to start my new year right and yours to, maybe. I'm sharing this to give you an idea, maybe you might not thought about this for some reason and because I lost my charger of my camera so I cannot actually make a beauty related blog *hope you understand*

1. Let go

Let go all of the people who hurt you, that made you cry or angry last year. Let go all of the things that make you sad, make you anxious, make you angry, make you down, make you cry. If you're into a situation called one-sided love, learn to let go honey, you don't deserve that. You'll meet someone who will love you twice as much as you do. Trust me. If you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and still in love with him/her, moving on is hard, I know but the first step for moving on is letting go, let go to move on.

Letting go was not that easy specially when you are already attached to that specific thing or person. But one thing that I do when I need to let go is writing it in a piece of paper and burn it. I know that sounds really dramatic, but trust me. When it burns, I actually felt like I just can't so I cry and cry until I got over it. Just let it go. It's the first step to everything.

2. Be strong and depend on yourself

Be strong, don't care about what people would say because no matter how many things they say against you, at the end of the day, we know who is the truly happy- YOU! You make your own happiness. Happiness is a choice, it will always be a choice. Just like your life, no one makes your life, no one makes your decisions other than you. If you are reprimanded by someone, your family, your friends, you boyfriend/girlfriend and feel so pressured at the end of the day, nothing else matters but you and your happiness.

This is one thing that we should learn specially now that we are not getting older. I'm not saying that you should be a rebel or something but my point is, you have a choice on how you make your own life, it's better to do it now while you can rather than regretting all your life for not doing it.

3. Limit your circle

Circle means life and for me, limiting my circle is eliminating fake people that will come to my life. If you have been my reader for quite sometime, I guess you know that I was bullied when I was in highschool, I'm obsessed on being the center of the attraction and wanted to be friends with everyone which actually worked out for a while but suddenly everyone turned their back on me which made me anxious and hate myself.

So as I got older, I learn to pick people whom I will spend my time with, whom I will tell my stories to because not all people have the same motives as you do. Some wanted to be your friend because they really wanted to be your friend. Some maybe wanted to be your friend because they can benefit from you.. Some maybe wanted to be your friend because at your back, they will gossip about you.

4. Read more

Need to say more? Reading more is learning more. I'm challenging each and everyone that will read my blog and even myself to read more. I doesn't really matter if that's a novel or a short story that you're reading or even the nutrition facts at the back of each food or drink you intake. As long as you read, you'll learn.

5. Spend less. Save more

Most of us I know wanted to save but its really difficult. I know, I also feel the same way. Saving is really good way of investing on your future self like going out of town or buying the things that you needed on a daily basis or save yourself enough money to buy your dream gift this Holiday (even though holiday just ended) or simply save for just whatever.

I can literally write tons of things that you can do to spice up your new year but you know what? It actually depends on you. You make your own destiny, you make your own life.

I just do hope that everyone have a splendid new year. May this new year be filled will laughter, memories and lessons, last year has already passed and I just hope that everything happened last year will served as a lesson for us and not repeat our same mistakes.

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