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By Mhownai - January 09, 2016

I know a lot of us are still in vacation mode but we need to face the reality that we need to go back to our regular life, going to school, work and the worse part, waking up in the morning. Ugh! I really hate having late night study sesh or waking up in the morning. Experiencing rush hours, barely making in time for your first class. Getting into the wrong classroom. Those are the things that I've experienced back when I was still studying. 

It took me years to find what really works for me to help me be motivational and inspired to go to school because travelling for 2 hrs is indeed a lot of work (since I'm living in Novaliches Q.C and I'm studying in Manila) not to mention I'm always questioning myself where and how will I finish all the school works that I needed to pass on that certain day or where should I spend my free time.

So I want to share with you guys some tips that really worked for me and maybe can work for you. 

1. Setting alarm clocks

I have to be honest, I am a snooze person. Well, who isn't? This is one of the habits that is really hard to eliminate. Well, instead of me snoozing my alarm clock, I tried to set multiple alarm clock like every minute or five minutes until I get irritated. It really helped me a lot and I do set my alarm 2 hours before I leave the house because I have so many rituals before going to school. 

This is just an example. I'm not studying anymore guys but when I was studying, I set my alarm 3 AM or 4 AM because at around 5 AM, there's a long line for the FX and I don't want to be late. 

2. Memo pads and Post-its is a must

Back when I was still studying, I own 2 planners. One is Filed planner and the other one is an application on my tablet (I cannot recall it) my planners are well loved and well used but it really helped me a lot to balance my schedule and take the things that I really needed to remember. 

Day-to-day, my planner was updated but when I can't actually remember the things that I needed to do when I got home. Maybe because I'm to exhausted. So I use post-its to make to- do lists or reminders for me to look whenever I pull my things out of my bag. That really helped me a lot. 

3. Universal Notebook = Bestfriend

Universal notebook is my bestfriend when I was still studying. Universal Notebook is like my bible. Everything is in there- mostly the discussions because I noticed that most of the questions in our exams didn't came from the book, it usually comes to their mouth so I put more effort into taking down whatever the professor is saying rather than copying the whole power point because you can always ask your prof if they can send you a copy of the power point or in our case, we have online classrooms (like edmodo, moodle, etc) and even facebook groups which is really helpful. 

 4. Always be prepared

I always make sure that I am prepped up for whatever things might happened like raining heavily and might had a chance to walk through floods. It's really nostalgic for me because I always end up doing this whenever I travel home and mind you guys, it's hard or maybe having period or having stains on my shirt. 

Which made me a versatile person.. I always think of alternatives that will make me comfortable as well as fashionable in a sense that it is not over. 

So instead of wearing high end shoes or sneakers, I always end up wearing jelly shoes or tiangge sandals so that if ever there's a flood I wouldn't mind my shoes be ruined or get dirty because I know it's not that expensive and I invest to sturdy bags like Jansport and umbrella like Fibrella- but not the automatic umbrella, just the standard wind proof umbrellas. 

I always have an emergency kit (if you want me to go over the details, just let me know) that is handy whenever I needed to. 

5. Proper mindset is everything

This I guess what we really needed. We need to train our minds to do it's magic. Let's always remind ourselves that vacation is over and we need to get our ass of to work work and work. 

Good luck loves! 

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