#YouBlogYou Volume 2

By Mhownai - December 09, 2015

Didn't made it on time. Again! Boo me! Enough for my excuses let's get on to the questions. Btw, I just grabbed the photo of the author.


1. In your opinion,how is it important to produce good photographs for blogs?

Well, good photographs will lead to more interest to your new viewers and also it will will add beautification to your blog.

2. What gadgets do you use to take photos? You can name more than one.

I use a Canon T3 for some pictures but I really don't use that because it's safe here in the Philippines and I just don't want to "give-away" thousand of dollars (if you know what I mean) so it really depends, sometimes I use it for my youtube videos to have HD quality of videos for my viewers but often times, I usually use my iPhone 4s, I know. I know. I'm still not graduated with my 4s series! It's too expensive to upgrade.But the quality is too damn fine!

3. For how long do you own these gadgets?

For my Canon T3, I own this for about 4-5 years and my iPhone, I think I own this baby for 3 years.

4. Will you recommend those gadgets to your fellow bloggers? Why or why not?

Hmm, I would probably recommend my iphone because first, it's not expensive and the quality of the pictures are just so uh-mazing! Plus, not all people can afford to have DSLR cameras right? but if they do, I don't recommend  mine, I'd rather go for 600D or 500D.

5. Do you use any other application to edit or add filters in your photos? If yes, could you share this with us?

I often use lightroom 5 for my dlsr cameras when I was doing OOTD shots.

Note: I already lost this file already. Hahaha! So there's an error message

For my iphone, I usuallyuse VSCO cam or usually just use Chrome filter in the camera

6. Who usually takes your photos aside from yourself especially on OOTD shots? Show gratitude mentioning them here.

Alot of my OOTD are taken by my classmates back when I was in college. I really enjoy those times. Thank you people! You're too many to mention. <3 p="">

7. Aside from camera, what accessories (or props) do you use to take photos?

Of course, my indoor OOTD shots are done using a tripod and sometimes some light thingy (lamps) makeups of course.

8. How do you come up with your photos? Do you research first how you should pose, how the products should be presented or it just goes naturally?

For presenting my products in my youtube channel, of course it actually goes naturally but sometimes like whenever I try to do a post for something like premiere posts, I actually try to ask questions to the manager of the person in charge. 

9. Do you have gadget you wish to receive this Christmas? What and why?

I'm too blessed to ask enough. I'm contented for what I have, I actually won't ask for anything unless my iphone is already broken or something.

10. Do you have an instagram feed or blogger you look up who produces great photos? Share this with us!

Heart Defensor - she's my queen bee! She's a Filipina based in US and she's a youtube video blogger. She's currenly engaged with Arnold and I just adore her!

11. Share three (3) photography tips to newbie bloggers.

Find a user friendly camera with a nice quality- it doesn't really need to be that expensive, just start baby steps. 

Be inspired- find the best source of inspiration for you to learn more. Watch youtube- if you're not interested in reading a lot or read blogs if you love to read. 

Don't rush- let yourself learn and like I have said, take baby steps. Everybody starts with number 1. 

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