By Mhownai - August 02, 2015

After months (or a year, I think) of putting myself into "silence" because of the unending negative vibes on Youtube community in my "time", I then decided to stop making videos for a short period of time because I know bashers will boost my page and I am not good in dealing with bashers. So I decided to take a time off from the limelight and focus on what's important in that moment- my personal life.

So I think it's time already to share what I love to do- make up. I am eager to write and I know I can write more now because I now have a connection in my new apartment *yay*

So what do you guys think? Just burst my ideas more, I'll start making youtube videos probably next month but I know I'll write mo! 

Let me hear your thoughts loves! 

Love, Mhow

P.S: My blog is still under construction

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