By Mhownai - August 07, 2015

Saving money is one of the hardest things to do. Haven't you realize guys? It's really easy to spend money but hard to save? *sighs* haven't you experienced getting your salary but then after a week, you are on critical wallet days? I know I do.

So here are some tips that I want to share to help you save money.

1. Go for DIY products

DIY or Do-It Yourself products are much cheaper than buying things because you will be the one to make it for yourself. 
This is strongly suggested because you can be able to calculate how much will you be needing

Like for make up enthusiasts like me. Buying products for your skin can be really pricey right? And not all products works for every one. I strongly suggest ladies out there if you have extra time, try making DIY products you can do this with your friends and make this as your bonding time.

So with regards to DIY Products, I strongly suggest you guys can read or watch different How To's online for different recipes of different things.

AprilAthena7 is like, for me the QUEEN OF ALL DIY PRODUCTS! I really love how she makes videos of different products from mask down to diy lotions to pore strips. I really love also how she explains things and you guys, she's testing the DIY products herself to let her viewers know if the products works or not.

Watch her latest DIY-Lotion Bars- link here 

Watch how she makes Biore pore strips and see if it works- link here

If you haven't tried to watch her videos, you're missing half of your life! Go to her channel now, she also has a daily video blog and a cooking vlog. Iam sure that you will hook on her videos especially her daily vlogs because her son is so cuter as eff! Love that dimples tho =)

Hi Ate April, I hope you are doing well. Please say hi to Justin and your baby Liam. Hope to see you soon and more power to your channel!

Her Daily vlogs: Here
April's beauty channel: Here
April's cooking channel: Here
Other links are on her video description box. :)

2. Find Alternatives

Finding alternatives is one of the most effective way if you don't have much of that time in making DIY products. Like for instance, planner. I already tried using planners of Belle de Jour and Filed. They are both helpful and fun but I think the price is too much.
To find alternatives, you can try looking for another planner which works well for your daily schedule or if not, you can make your own right?

You can ty making your own right? It's way cheaper and much efficient for you. Why efficient? It's because you can personalize your own based on your needs and you can control the design from pattern down to colors.

3. Shop Wisely

It's really nice to shop, right? Personally speaking, it's like a therapy for me. I really like to see how my closet abounds with clothes and shoes not to mention- bags but it's really hard to sustain this addiction when I have limited money. *winks*

So I tried to go to tiangges and ukay-ukays and got addicted to it. You can haggle for prices so that you can save much money. Imagine, for 500 php, you can be able to purchase more clothes than if you will purchase in malls. One of the most favorite tiangges that I've ever been in is at St. Peter Parish at QC during sundays. I call it "Sunday Tiangge" I will walk from my apartment at Diliman down to St. Peter, I know  I know, it's a long walk but it's fun! The Sunday Tiangge will start on Ever and ends at St. Peter.

Here are the things that I bought last week.

This lovely H&M sweatshirt I bought this on one of the thrift stores there for only 50php

And this lovely shoes, I got this for only 140php. When I saw this I was like "I-HAVE-TO-GET-THIS!" #beastmode

I really love these cut outs

And I'm obsessed with these. 

4. Save before you shop

It is really hard for us to save after you shop right? So what I can suggest is this. If you have 5000 php with you, you can save the 4000 by leaving it at your house and bring with you only 1000 everytime you leave. It's way much more effective especially those people who cannot say no when their urge in spending is there.

5. Open a bank account

Saving your money through banks is one of the most effective way to save money. Why? Because you cannot be able to spend it because the cold cash is in the bank now. You can open a time deposit account wherein you cannot be able to withdraw the money in a certain period of time. You can also try to open a pass book account (I'm not sure what is the exact term for that)

I cannot suggest an ATM because ATM Machines are everywhere, you can easily access your card and withdraw your cash- no use! But if you wanted ATM Cards, well, what I can suggest is you can let your mother or a trusted friend to keep the card for you. Just don't give the code or if you have an apartment, leave it in your parent's house. Right?

Saving money is really hard but it will benefit you in the long run so I do hope you can be able to have ideas now on how to easily save your money. Good luck guys!

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