By Mhownai - August 11, 2015

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a must for all of us makeup users out there because if you will use a dirty makeup brush, it will trigger your face to produce acne and we don't want that right? But since makeup brush cleaners are quite expensive, let me share to you how I clean my brushes on a tight budget.

I just put all my makeup used brushes in a small clean basin with water.

I use Johnson's baby bath, yes to clean my brushes.The smell is really good and I guess it does a good job in cleaning my brushes

So I just put a minimal amount of the baby bath in my palm like so

And I do circular motions to take the makeup dirt out of the brush

So these are the dirt that came out from the brushes. See, it does work pretty well.

After I rinse it, I just leave it in a clean cloth overnight. 

So for 100 php less, you can be able to have a clean brush with a really nice smell. I really love using this and I've been using that for quite sometime now. 

Let me hear your thoughts people. <3 goodluck="" p="">

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