By Mhownai - August 31, 2015

Let me share to you the evolution of mah hair, well, for the past few years, I'd say, I've already done a lot of things in my hair. Well, before that, let me show you my hair way way back 2012

Yes I know, I know. Bangs is bangs baby! Well, I have noticed in my past pictures in my facebook account, I always have bangs not side bangs, FULL BANGS! OMG! hahhaha! Hey, look at my panda makeup. Hhahaha! 

Let's now look at mah hair, I did that last 2014. I have highlights on and well, as expected, mah hair was damaged but I liked it though. The length and all was the-best! 

6 months after I highlighted my hair, I then decided to make it black. HAHAHA! It's really unusal because I'm not use to plain black color in my hair. Well, I liked it though. 
I then decided to cut it short after few months. 

And cut it much shorter.

When it got longer, I then decided to color it light blonde.

And decided to make it a bit shorter again. 

Months have passed, I then got bored with my hair. I gained my strength and courage to make a big decision to cut it shorter

Well, I am enjoying this hair- the shortest hair that I've ever had. 

If you wanted to know how I take care of my hair, let me know in the comments sections below. Thank you so much!  xoxo

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