By Mhownai - August 25, 2014

After my shoot for my humanities music video, my family and I decided to take a rest while eating chocolate cake from goldilocks. My dad was still playing around with the camera. He insisted me to pose and he'll be taking pictures *obviously, sigh* 

Swag fail *I know, I know* As much as I wanted to, swag isn't just my thang. Okay?! :))

Ramdom candid shots *LOL*

What I'm wearing
Top: SM Deparment Store
Cap: Sponsored (Hi Toff! Thanks!)
Shoes: Converse

I hope that you all had a wonderful vacation. 2 days isn't so bad if you used it wisely, you know unwind and relax. Hahaha! *like I can* Please also stay tune for my upcoming video on youtube, it'll be out probably tonight or tomorrow morning. It's a collaboration video with Ms. Ivy.

Have a safe day guys! 
- mhow <3

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