Let the sunshine in

By Mhownai - August 15, 2014

I've been so busy with school and I'm fo shiz, I gonna pass out soon. Lol kidding. Above are shots taken in Intramuros for my Humanities project, it was themed school fashion thingy (I seriously don't know how to describe this fashion but yeah, this is how I dress up to school). Well, MAPUA doesn't have any uniforms so I tend to go either girl-ish or being just simple. 

I don't dress like this always, it's so hot in the Philippines FYI. HAHAHA! We're on the same page right? 

But for this day, I dedicate myself to be a girl the entire day, I managed to wear a tube corset top and an studded vest and a skirt for a day even if I admit, it's so freaking hot! But yeah, kudos for me! *insert smiley*

Thank you Chrisitan Chua for this shots. *ganda mo girl*

What I'm wearing:Studded vest- divosoriaCorset tube top- robinson's novalichesSkirt- robinson's novalichesBag- divisoriaShoes- SM Department StoreNerdy glasses- RayBan
I will end this blog with a song that's currently intruiging and banging my eardrums. 

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